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Patricia Vilani


A testament to the maxim that true talent will always rise to the top, Patricia was a student at the London College of Fashion studying design when she decided to present a fashion project as a filmed presentation, gaining extremely high grades. Another student asked if she would do the same for him. Then another. And another. Before long Patricia was financing her way through fashion school with a camera. Word spread and more affluent clients approached Patricia. First she created an installation piece for Selfridges’ iconic windows. More requests flooded in; Toujouri, Vasltrom, Harvey Nichols, Black and Blue, Xander Zhou, Felder Felder all wanted films by the talented director. A bright young starlet for the beauty and fashion world.

Clients include

Selfridges / Toujouri / Vasitrom / Harvey Nichols / Black and Blue / Xander Zhou / Felder Felder