Mr Kipling - Mr Kipling Ad

Lexus - Lexus Ad

Birmingham Children's Hospital - Balloon

St Ivel - Omega

Pepsi - Emoticons

L’Oréal - Gold


Samsung - LED

Laurent Bourdoiseau


Laurent graduated from Paris’ famous ESRA cinema school and after a stint as assistant to William Klein, began directing music promos. He made his name with his section in Air’s Electronic Performers music video, winning multiple international awards.

Laurent moved into commercials and short films attaining AD Club’s Gold Prize for his stunning, X-ray-style Lexus commercial.

Working out of Paris and London, Laurent also directed the well-received Grandma’s Tin advert for Kipling Cakes.

The success of his short film – On His Shoulder – has added narrative and character work to his high-end CG direction.

Clients include

St Ivel Gold / Mr Kipling / Air (Electronic Performers) / Lexus / Cailler / Henri Salvador / Vichy / Soulwax / Orange / Ginko / Samsung / ROC