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Keiren O'Brien


Working on sets from his teenage years, Keiren has made tea or bossed around an A-Z of the British entertainment industry. He turned to directing in his late twenties, and has developed an amazing understanding of the whole of the commercials market. Keiren has the subtle and special skill in bringing performances out of stars such as Dawn French and Stephen K Amos, and Joe Public alike that never overshadow the brand. He also has an arsenal of showbiz gossip that could save you two years subscription fees of Heat magazine. You know you love it.

Clients include

Penguin - Dawn French / BBC Film Festival / Blue Cross / Harper Collins - Cathy Kelly / Diet Chef / Racing Post / Hardy Amis / I-Robot / Kendall Tarrent / Landrover / Penguin - Marian Keyes, Noevir / Nokia / Olay / Persil / Stephen K Amos Show