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Danann was a child who messed around with video cameras. As he grew he decided he could take all this fun stuff seriously. He left school and went boldly to MTV to ask join their film crew. His plan backfired, and he left the building as a presenter. After five years presenting and acting in the UK and Ireland he realised that the flattery and attention of being in front of the camera was all well and good for others, but his true calling was as a director. He was awarded a Webby for his short film for the Friends of the Earth – A Love Story in Milk, which was swiftly followed by a commission from RTE for the web drama Cuckoo. Danann has shot for Santander, Marc Jacobs, VISA, Sunday Times, London Fashion Week and T Mobile, developing an impressive corporate catalogue.

Clients include

Marc Jacobs / Sunday Times / London Fashion Week / Santander / T Mobile / VISA