Ben Warwick - Food Montage

Aldi - Lot To Like

Ben Warwick - Corporate

James Grant Group - Baking Made Easy

Barilla - Barilla Ad

Channel 4 - The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Burger King - Wallace & Grommit

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Branston - She'll Believe in Miracles

Topynh Mpoaykt - Mad About the Boy

BBC - Great Train Journeys

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Ben Warwick


Ben has been hailed by The Times as the originator of 'sexy' food on television. He’s arguably the man who spearheaded Britain's food explosion, directing Nigella Lawson's first series, Nigella Bites, and is the co-creator of the hit series Baking Made Easy starring Lorraine Pascale. He’s also found time to direct a number of glossy food commercials.

Clients include

Aldi / Kenwood / Barilla / Burger King / Calgon Max / Cilit Bang / Birdseye / Raja / Branston Beans / Vanish / Woolite