Laurent Bourdoiseau

Laurent graduated from Paris’ famous ESRA cinema school and after a stint as assistant to William Klein, began directing music promos. He made his name with his section in Air’s Electronic Performers music video, winning multiple international awards. READ MORE

Andy De Emmony

Andy is an award-winning feature and commercials director who kicked off his TV directing career on Fluck and Law’s iconic Spitting Image. He worked on iconic comedy series Father Ted and Red Dwarf before moving to feature films with the hit West is West and teen werewolf comedy Love Bite. READ MORE

Ryan Schude

Resident of uber-hip downtown Los Angeles, but a self-proclaimed anglophile and regular visitor to London, Ryan is an artist at the peak of his game. His staged narratives and personal portraits are full of exuberant personality and dramatic narrative. READ MORE

Richard Hill

Director Richard Hill and his producer Michelle Crowley create engaging and screen-lickingly beautiful prime-time food shows. Working with some of the UK’s most respected food talent they are known for content that’s intimate and entertaining. READ MORE

Ben Warwick

Ben has been hailed by The Times as the originator of 'sexy' food on television. He’s arguably the man who spearheaded Britain's food explosion, directing Nigella Lawson's first series, Nigella Bites. READ MORE

Lucia Helenka

Lucia is a graduate of the celebrated Fine Art course at Goldsmith’s, moving seamlessly into commercials for the likes of Mini, Vauxhall and Nokia via high-end fashion documentaries and innovative channel branding. READ MORE

Patricia Vilani

A testament to the maxim that true talent will always rise to the top. Patricia was a student at the London College of Fashion studying design when she decided to present a fashion project as a filmed presentation, gaining extremely high grades. Another student asked if she would do the same for him. Then another. And another. READ MORE

Danann Breathnach

Danann was a child who messed around with video cameras. As he grew he decided he could take all this fun stuff seriously. He left school and went boldly to MTV to ask join their film crew. His plan backfired, and he left the building as a presenter. READ MORE

Scott Grummett

Scott Grummett is our newest signing. He is a London-based food and still life photographer making the move into live action with these two beautiful test pieces. Lamb Dopiaza followed by a Creme Brulee anyone? READ MORE

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